Andy Hamilton

Senior Systems Engineer

Andy's memories of using the computer date back to futzing with the Commodore 64 and watching his father play games on the family's Amiga, but it wasn't until late in high school that he started exploring the web and became an intentional user of free and open source software. In college at the University of Wisconsin some of his time was lost trying out lesser known linux distributions - remember Corel Linux? - but the bulk went toward earning his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

After a brief stint developing with proprietary technologies, Andy has spent almost the last 15 years around or near Java, doing everything from web apps to batch jobs to swing apps. More recently, Scala and Haskell are fighting for his attention. He is currently avoiding the temptation to write yet another monad tutorial.

Outside of work Andy helps to organize the Chicago Area Scala Enthusiasts (CASE) Meetup group and frequently attends several other meetups. To relax, Andy likes to spend time with his wife playing co-op video games or traipsing around a new Chicago neighborhood.

Bill Wanjohi

Software Engineer

Bill comes to Spantree from a wending career path that had him focused on data transformation, database and system administration, server-side web development, cloud infrastructure orchestration, and then around again.

Whatever the task is, if Bill's work is both helping other people and making for a better, more efficient system, he is a happy camper. Bill's faith and enthusiasm for continuous improvement is what lets him pull the trigger on things like this bio, knowing that it can always be revisited in the future.

You can find Bill outside of work hours exploring his new city of Indianapolis, usually on a bike, hoping to play some board games, and maybe with a growler in tow.

Cedric Hurst

Principal & Lead Software Engineer

Cedric Hurst is Principal and founder at Spantree. He spends a lot of time thinking about how to apply cutting-edge open source solutions to business and everyday problems. Before starting Spantree, he had a stint at IBM as an open source evangelist. He also founded a startup to create secure wireless networks in the early 2000s. He loves working with Groovy, Elasticsearch, rules engines, and devops tools. In his spare time, Cedric also speaks at technical meetups, makes music and mentors students. If he wasn't building software for a living, his fallback career is to become a record store clerk.

Dan Lindeman

Software Engineer

Dan is a Software Engineer from Grand Rapids, MI, where he lives with his wife Kayla and his dog Bowie. When not learning a new language, framework, or piece of tech, Dan enjoys playing Nintendo games and spending time with friends.

An educator-turned-developer, Dan got his start in the software industry testing embedded automotive infotainment systems. He is currently a part-time Masters student at Grand Valley State University focusing on Web Architectures. A self-described conference junkie, Dan can be found organizing community events and software meetups groups all over West Michigan.

Jonathan Freeman

Senior Consulting Engineer

Jonathan, who has been interested in computer programming since playing Myst and Lode Runner on his grandmother's computer, comes to software development though music. After a few years studying jazz saxophone, he decided to take his programming hobby more seriously and began consulting work. Through consulting, he's enjoyed working in various domains, from finance to healthcare to video games. While he specializes in JavaScript, both browser and server side, he also takes a keen interest in modern data stores (particularly graph databases). In his free time Jonathan tries to cook tasty treats and build things out of wood.

Justin Nauman

Senior Systems Engineer

Justin has been a tinkerer interested in computers since the first time that he got his hands on one. After convincing his high school geometry teacher that programming a computer to do the homework for you shows a command of the subject, he decided to make a career of it! After going to school for Computer Science and Mathematics Justin started his professional career at AT&T doing internal consulting with a variety of technologies in the telecom space. Always curious about how things work and trying to press the envelope, Justin has continued to broaden his technical skill set over the past 10 years.

At Slalom, Justin spent the last several years bringing solid engineering principles into the full software delivery lifecycle. Justin has been particularly excited helping clients adjust their development methodologies and technology stack to best leverage that AWS platform. Justin has a passion for finding the right tool for the job and is currently in love with all things Hashicorp and Kubernetes.

If you can’t find Justin at one of the many Meetups in Chicago he attends, you can probably find him playing with his daughter, spending time with friends and family or out on a boat.

Liz Schuering

Director of Operations

As Spantree's Director of Operations, Liz ensures our engineers have the ideal environment in which to innovate for our clients, and that our clients have a seamless experience while working with Spantree. Liz joins Spantree from the Chicago office of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an international nonprofit that engages young people in school by teaching them the fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship. In her free time, Liz enjoys cooking, binge watching the latest Netflix original series, and finding the best bowl of ramen in Chicago (follow along on

Mari Gallegos

Software Engineer

Mari is a Carnegie Mellon and USC alumna with a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. An identical twin, Mari credits her jump into development to her sister, who is also a software engineer.

Mari comes from a background of both product development and consulting, and is a fan of keeping up with the ever-changing technological landscape across the stack.

When not behind a computer, Mari can be found at a bowling alley working on her game. She dreams of one day earning her own title on the PWBA tour.

Marija Spaic

Software Engineer

Marija is a software engineer coming from an original background in hardware and digital design. Having graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, she decided to pivot to software, attracted to the possibility of coding in languages more nuanced than assembly. To this end, she first gained experience in the .NET world, building applications to run industrial fabrication machines. At Spantree she enjoys working across the stack, from Python and Groovy to Javascript and React Native. In her free time, you may find her at the nearest climbing gym or planning her next outdoorsy adventure.

Roberto Guerra

Senior Software Engineer

Roberto Guerra is a developer living in the Caribbean. He likes to volunteer code to NGOs targeting under-represented communities. In his spare time, he likes to read fantasy books, goof around with his three dogs and try to make his girlfriend happy.

Sebastian Otaegui

Senior Systems Engineer

Sebastian Otaegui is a system admin currently living in Buenos Aires. He started his career working as one of the web hosting administrators in the eBusiness hosting team at IBM, soon he got tired of the red tape that big organizations suffer. After working for one year for a very large extended warranty company, he was asked to move to Chicago to work as the team leader for the web hosting administration team. During the six years working at The Warranty Group he met Cedric. Sebastian and Cedric became friends and begun introducing concepts that back then didn't have a name and today are known as DevOps practices.

In his free time, Sebastian enjoys trying new technologies, watching movies with his wife and playing Star Wars The Old Republic. Fun fact about Sebastian is he played rugby for 14 years.