Remaster Your Data

We're nerds, and we love everything data. Your users just want the useful data and for that you need search. Using a variety of open source tools, we can create a robust search solution for whatever form your data is in.

We’ve found a tool like Elasticsearch can quickly become a central component of the data layer, relieving a relational database to focus on the things that it is good at and leaving the more complex search use cases to a store more optimized for those types of queries. Spantree has established itself as one of the most qualified firms in the United States for providing Elasticsearch expertise, design, and development.

In addition to search, if you have large amounts of data or complex business rules, we bring solutions. Utilizing tools such as Akka, your data will be processed quickly and efficiently. With Drools and Optaplanner, your business logic can be abstracted and implemented.

Whatever your data, we can provide the expertise and tool suggestions you need. Our team works regularly with Redis, MongoDB, Neo4j, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and many other primary datastores.

Build Your App, Front to Back

Through every step of the process, Spantree can help you create what you imagined. Whether you have an idea, are rewriting a prototype, or need to enhance existing software with functionality or mobile components, Spantree has the expertise you need to succeed.

Though as a company we are fairly language agnostic, our main skills lie with JVM languages and Javascript. Fluent and experienced in Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, and Java, we tend to utilize libraries and frameworks like Spring Boot when appropriate to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of boilerplate code we write. Check out our technologies page for some more of our favorite tools.

When designing your application, user experience is paramount. Spantree utilizes powerful front-end frameworks like React and Angular to quickly iterate on front end development. By focusing on modularity and abstraction, we can quickly try out many different options to ensure your users have an experience they are satisfied with.

Your users will increasingly spend more time on their phone, and we are prepared to deal with that. Whether you would like a seamless mobile web experience, a hybrid app, or purely native, Spantree has the in-house expertise to help you achieve your vision.

Accelerate Time to Delivery

As your application grows, so must your infrastructure. While making changes manually can be a quick way to make a prototype, it is an unsustainable practice. Spantree can help grow your infrastructure, enabling you and your developers to easily make changes and scale.

The first step to reliability is reproducibility, and for that we make extensive use of state of the art tools and libraries, such as Docker, Chef, and Packer. With these tools, you can be confident that your development environment matches production, and your build process will not break unexpectedly.

Reliability also depends on failover and scalability. We have extensive experience in cloud environments like AWS and GCP. We have built and maintained static server infrastructures, autoscaling cloud deployments, and high utilization Docker orchestration clusters with tools like Kubernetes and Mesos.

Empower Your Team

As your team grows and your company ages, it can be hard staying up to date and ensuring the best practices and processes are followed throughout your company. At Spantree, we understand there is an ever present need to maintain velocity while you grow.

From agile coaching, to issue management, to a complete audit of your processes, Spantree can help.