The Position

We’re looking for Lead and Senior Software Engineers to help us shape the next chapter of Spantree’s growth. We build software for the web and use a pretty wide variety of technologies. But, if you’re the right candidate, we think there are more important things to talk about first:

Our Core Value

Learning is at the center of everything we do: We learn new technologies to keep on the cutting edge of what’s possible. We learn about our clients’ business domains in order to figure out how software can deliver value for them on a day-to-day basis. We learn how to collaborate effectively and keep challenging ourselves to do it better and more enjoyably. And we learn how to teach — each other, our clients — because we believe it matters.

Our Core Motivation

And why do we do all this? Because we believe that we have the potential to have a positive impact: on ourselves, on our clients, on our communities, and maybe even on the world. Excellence is its own reward, but also the best way to make sure we don’t throw away our shot when it comes. Software can be used for inspiring purposes (we’ve written software that helps keeps thousands of foster kids safe) or to simply make the rich richer or the planet dirtier (we try to turn those things down). We believe in measuring the impact of our work and we believe in maximizing what we can achieve.

Our Toolbox

We’re consultants who build web applications and we’re looking for someone with expertise in:

  • One or more emergent languages: Kotlin, Scala, Go, Elixir, Reason, TypeScript, etc.
  • One or more established languages: Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, C#, PHP, etc.
  • One or more frameworks: Apollo, Serverless, Spring, Rails, Phoenix, Django, Play, React, Angular, Vue, etc.
  • One or more database ecosystems: SQL, document, key-value, graph; we like it all.
  • Git, or a colorful excuse for not knowing it.


If you’re a senior engineer in some cross-section of those tools, you’re probably a technical fit. If you’re inspired by our Core Value and Core Motivation, you’ll be a cultural fit. And, if you’re also a nice person...well...what are you waiting for?!

Yes, we’re a software consultancy. And yes, if you’re a senior software engineer, you have a lot of choices. But, if you’d value a place that will challenge you to grow and support you in that process, let’s have a conversation. Coffee is on us.

Oh...and we’ve got a beautiful office, great benefits you’d expect, great benefits you might not expect, a track record of real work/life balance, and lots of other good things. Hit us up at if you’re interested.